G Viswanath

G. Viswanath

Founder / Director

“My strengths? Bringing positivity into any situation; believing in the infinite capacity of people to bring about personal change and forging into the unknown with trust."

Behavioural Scientist OD Specialist Facilitator-Practitioner Coach Teacher

Since 1984…!

7 years of being a ‘techie’ – dealing mostly with unknowns and  uncertainties; willing to learn

6 years as an HR professional – vigorously worked at bringing order to a world of chaos, innovated taking risks. Unknown again

23+ years of creating new possibilities for individuals, teams, organisations based on sound behavioural science principles. Willing to learn

Broad areas of experience and expertise

  • “High performing teams”: Pioneering efforts in the arena of the Outbound learning – integrating outdoor experiences with an understanding of how teams can become ‘high performing’
  • Visioning for individuals, teams and organisations: An exploration into the unknown
  • Strengths: Getting people in touch with their ‘natural’ strengths and understanding how to leverage these in day to day situations – be it work or home
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