About Us


Bringing to our clients attention the possibility of a future they desire through and bringing our beliefs about people and organisational systems alive.


Our mission is to help organisations challenge their own assumptions on what they consider impossible to do. Our mission is realized when we help build within the organisation or institution collaborative relationships which then bring about creating self sustaining processes.

About OAC India

Organizations & Alternatives Consulting (OAC) is a highly successful Organizational development and leadership strategy firm with a strong and niche presence in India and abroad.

Since its inception in 1994 as a proprietorship firm and transitioning into a private limited company in 2004, OAC is propelled by the belief that engaged, inspired employees build great companies – and successful teams are built by inspirational and caring leaders.

Two decades later, at OAC we continue to listen to our customers with a view to designing and enabling organizations to learn and with a definitive bias for action.

We partner with our clients to visualize and articulate their vision and chart out their future success.


"Living the Organisation's vision  & values"

This is a crucial conversation that we have with all our clients. Teams are high on productivity and show resilience when every individual appreciates how their effort adds to the company’s achievement and future prospects. In our work, we help connect the dots between the organisation’s vision and values and the daily actions of its members.

Sometimes it is a one hour conversation - as a tone-setter for other learning interventions - or it is a full-fledged intervention over 3 to 4 days.

Just last year, we have facilitated close to four game changing Vision and Values workshops!

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