A Case for Collective Leadership

Is it possible for a team of senior leaders to lead the organisation as a team until the first among equals emerges? This OAC case study narrates our experience of facilitating Collective Leadership for a national NGO.

Customer-Centric Leadership – A Change Experience

Cutting across different levels of the organisation, this article highlights OAC’s experience of building a customer-centric culture for a large Indian MNC.

Parenting – Who calls the shots?

Yet another role that some of us play in real life is that of a parent! Are there aspects of authority and anger in the world of parenting that we could be conscious of and move towards becoming better at parenting?  Read this article to become a more positive parent.

Synergizing Organisations-Teams

An organisation-wide endeavour to move together towards building a high-performance culture! This article narrates OAC’s experiences in using some unique technologies of transformation, including Outward Bound, for facilitating a remarkable journey of change and high-performance culture.

Business and Organisation Development – A case for Intentional Excellence!

A collaboratively written paper that recounts the journey of an organisation from ‘loss” to “profit” by leveraging its people capital and by adapting to new and emerging business realities using an evidence-based approach.

Education and the Management - The Montessori way

A thought-provoking article that reflects on the Montessori way and its linkages and impact on education and management. The author highlights some of the lessons learnt especially with reference to “dealing with authority” and a “caring relationship”.

Linkedin Post

“We are so much more than we think we are.” - Kate Maloy, Author
Often, in childhood we have been told not to think ‘too highly’ of ourselves lest our pride get the better of ourselves and we develop a ‘swollen’ head!! And yet in adulthood we find everyone asking us to think more deeply about ourselves.

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