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Leaders have the potential to energize and ensure the organisation’s present success and build a sustainable growth and innovation track by mentoring and readying leaders for the future. Hence, they are tasked with leading: self, teams, other leaders-managers, business functions and the organisation!

Some of the key elements for focus are:

  • What am I leading or role - modeling?
  • Am I moving towards “Personal Mastery”?
  • Am I clear about stakeholders’ expectations from my role?
  • Am I encouraging positivity and creative thinking?
  • Am I providing inspirational (to action) leadership?
  • Am I growing leaders for the future?


“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory, tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” —Sun Tsu

Strategy, you will agree, is the map, the destination, the compass and navigation skills… rolled up together to ensure the existence and growth of the organisation.

Here are a few questions we could ask to understand our organisation’s strategy better…

  • Who is my primary customer?
  • How do my core values, “value” all my stakeholders?
  • Am I clear why we are following this strategy as against some other…?
  • Am I tracking the performance/success measures sufficiently and regularly?
  • Do crucial conversations reflect creativity and generative thinking?
  • And what is still giving me sleepless nights?


Culture is core to any organisation’s DNA and is central to enabling success for individuals, teams and organisations. Here are a few questions we could ask to understand our organisation’s culture better…

  • What constitutes good performance and excellent performance?
  • Is creative thinking encouraged?
  • Is there a bias for action?
  • Do meetings happen on time and are they productive?
  • What do I like about working here and what do I dislike?

Team Leadership

An essential coming together of “I” and “WE”; all about succeeding oneself and enabling success for others and of putting vision into action! Here are a few questions we could ask to understand our organisation’s Team and Leadership orientation better…

  • What is our shared view of success?
  • What can I/we do to help some others succeed?
  • How will we address the mistakes we make?
  • How will we measure good…excellent performance?
  • What are our strengths and roadblocks?


Our philosophy of Coaching is to help every individual leader leverage his/her Strengths. We believe it is the most powerful way to help bring about success.

Here are a few questions we could ask to help you get on to the Strengths journey:

  • What activities energize me?
  • When do I work best ?
  • What capacities of mine do I believe can bring the best for me at work?
  • How do I know that my best is being utilised?
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