The Appreciative Inquirer’s Network (TAPIN) witnessed a group of 20 enthusiastic participants across age groups and professional backgrounds, attempting to rephrase the manner in which questions are posed!

Did you have a good weekend?
What was the most enjoyable part of your weekend?

Appreciative Inquiry is both a process and a philosophy. It is a process for engaging people in building the kinds of families, communities, organisations and worlds they want to live in. The process on the other hand, has been structured into 4 comprehensive phases.

AI focuses on generating and applying knowledge that comes from inquiry into moments of excellence, periods of exceptional competence and performance - times when people have felt most alive and energised.

The 2 day program was designed for participants new to the concept of Appreciative Inquiry:

Day 1 - Introduction, Use and impact of AI; Phases of AI; Forming AI questions
Day 2 - Practical application of AI using the 4-phase approach and measuring the outcome.

The 2 day workshop was held in the rustic setting of Visthar at Kothanur on the outskirts of Bangalore. The residential program enabled participants to take a break from their busy “city” schedules, ensuring they immersed themselves in the natural surroundings and hence the program. Most practical parts of the workshop were conducted outdoors. Participants enjoyed an intensive and reflective learning session with fun, games, drama and lots of singing!

Learn about Appreciative Inquiry and its Impact on yourself and inturn on everyone you meet - personally or professionally!

To register for our next workshop write to us at office@oacindia.in or call Christopher Pathrose on +91 7259500155.


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