Aditi Chanchani

The scope of working with the Strengths framework is immense. Being a team of about 15 people, the StrengthsFinder tool allowed us to work at multiple levels – the self, as a team unit and at the organisational level. Staff members developed a deeper understanding of themselves and others in their roles. Institutionally, we explored and experimented creating a positive work environment bringing in the StrengthsFinder framework into many spaces – from inducting a staff member, to achieving a task better, to building confidence and allowing members to take leaps in their professional lives in moving towards a role that was best suited and of interest to them.

Aditi Chanchani
Ex Chief functionary of an NGO

Dia Ravindran

I worked with OAC on enabling Managers lead with example using the Gallup Strengths Finder program. The team quickly established their expertise in the domain; from designing the program and orchestrating each phase of it. Having to work with folks who believe and follow through on their core principles like OAC is always a pleasure ;at the end of all sessions when you reflect on your learnings, the depth of that perception is really worth the time and effort you have spent in that session. Thank you team OAC for partnering with us and driving purpose through tools like the Gallup Strengths Finder.

Dia Ravindran,
HR Manager,

Anirban Bhattacharya

The company’s vision is probably the most important part for a business. We were clueless about how to start and where to end till Vish stepped in.

With his calm and systematic approach, he guided our team to discover a shared set of values and articulate a vision for our company based on these. He is an excellent intervener (or interventionist – makes me sound like some ‘The negotiation’ Matt Damon or something like that !!)and guide. An inclusive person, he ensured that every employee – including the junior most, had the opportunity to participate and put forth their views. It was a great experience for me and a tremendous value add.

Anirban Bhattacharya
Zumutor Biologics Inc (US)

Anuj Dutt

I have been working with O&A (now OAC) now for 14 years. O&A is a values driven organization where not only are the needs of the consulting client paramount but also of the individual learners.

The OAC team (that Vish leads) believes in delivering results and need-based solutions and is sincere in adhering to this tenet. They do not hesitate to challenge the consulting client on the latter’s understanding of the need of the intervention.

In OD interventions that OAC have partnered with me, I have found that the attendees derive a huge degree of comfort and satisfaction from the way OAC conducts their interventions and then these attendees proactively identify team and business issues for which they would only want to invite OAC and no one else!

Looking forward to a greater partnership in the years to come.

It is my privilege to give this testimonial as it also marks more than a decade of our friendship.

Best wishes,

Anuj Dutt
HR Business Partner,
Philips Global Business Services LLP, Chennai


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